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TL Conferência Presencial (SP)

TL Conferência Presencial (SP)

This lecture was done in 50+ cities in more than 15 countries such as Spain, USA, Japan, Argentina and Finland. For the first time with enough time, Bernardo will leave no stone unturned, so don’t miss out this unique opportunity!


This is your ONLY chance to see the full lecture online and ask any questions LIVE to Bernardo himself!

Over the course of this 3+ hours lecture, you will learn a few amazingly strong effects cleverly designed to demonstrate all behind the magic. Bernardo will teach and show not only some secrets, but all the psychology, theories and subtleties that can and should be used in ANY kind of magic.

It's divided in 3 parts:

- Mini show

- Explanations of the mini show in full details (including all the subtleties, structure, theories and psychology applied)

- A la carte (Q&A and informal talk about magic) + surprise

  • Platinum

    In this package deal, you'll have access to: - Access to the live lecture on November 6 (via Zoom Meetings) - Access to Bernardo's 10+ HOURS Masterclass In this deal you save 280BRL (50USD)!

  • Date and Time

    Essa conferência acontecerá no dia 08/02 (quinta  feira) às 19:30 horas.

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