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Nameless Lecture

Change your vision about magic.

For the very first time, with enough time, Bernardo will teach and show all the psychology, theories, and subtleties used in any area of magic.

Performed in 50+ cities in more than 15 countries, such as Spain, USA, Japan, Argentina, and Finland, this lecture will be in it's full length for the first time. Bernardo will leave no stone unturned, so don’t miss this unique opportunity!
Your ONLY chance to see the lecture online in it's integrity and ask any questions LIVE to Bernardo himself!

Throughout this 3+ hours lecture, you will learn a few crazy strong effects cleverly designed to demonstrate all behind the magic. Bernardo will teach and show not only secrets, but all the psychology, theories, and subtleties that can and should be used in ANY kind of magic.

It's divided into 3 parts:

- Mini show

- Explanations of the mini show in full detail (including all the subtleties, structure, theories, and psychology applied)

- A la carte (Q&A and informal talk about magic) + surprise


The lecture will happen via Zoom Meetings on December 4th (Saturday) at 2PM EST (UTC-05:00).

Who Has Seen

Here is what some people you might know have to say about the lecture:

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